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Air Treatment

What is Compressed Air Condensate?

Definition: condensate is a liquid formed from water vapour in the air as a result of a drop in temperature and/or an increase in pressure.  Most times it is an oil/water mixture; sometimes it is formed as an oil/water emulsion.  This liquid mixes with atmospheric hydrocarbon contaminants as well as oil carried over from lubricated compressors to form acidic, oily condensate sludge.  An 18kW (25hp) compressor may produce up to 10’000 litres of oil contaminated condensate per year.

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Oil Water Separator

Our range of Sterling Oil Water separators can handle the condensate from compressors up to 1000 cfm.

With routine servicing this will ensure the condensate you discharge is free from contaminates.

Condensate Drain

Condensate drains are designed to remove condensate from building up in filter housings and air receivers. They are available as:

  • Nil Loss Drain (low Air usage)
  • Timed Solenoid Valve
  • Pneumatic (No power needed)
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