Energy Efficient Compressors in Dorset, Hampshire & South Wiltshire

Are you looking for a company that can save you money in wasted energy then Contact Wessex Compressors Ltd, to discuss how we can help you achieve savings.

Compressores & Equipment

Energy Saving Compressors

Reducing energy wastage and ultimately energy costs has become an increasing priority for businesses, both locally, nationally and globally.  At Wessex Compressors Limited we are proud to sell Boge compressors, which have vastly improved their energy efficiency over recent years with the introduction of advanced controlling equipment and inverter controlled variable speed compressors.

Key Benefits:

  • Direct energy saving from partial load or off load running.
  • Enhanced pressure control and stability.
  • Soft start removes the peak amp draw on start up.
  • Soft start causes less mechanical stress on working parts.
Boge SLF Compressor

Heat Recovery

In addition to variable speed drives, heat recovery is now becoming an important consideration. This can be achieved in two ways:

  • Through a heat exchanger fitted into the oil circuit of the compressor called a duotherm. The duotherm can be used to recover wasted heat energy to preheating process water, to bring energy savings.
  • Through recovering the hot cooling air from the compressor back into the factory to provide some space heating.
Boge CLF9 Compressor