PSSR 2000 Compliance in Dorset

If you want your pressure system to be compliant with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, and written scheme of examination produced by a specialist engineer, Contact Wessex Compressors Ltd today. Contact

Design and Installation

Examination of your compressed air pressure systems

At Wessex Compressors Ltd, we will thoroughly examine your compressed air pressure systems in compliance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. We will produce a written scheme of examination and examine each component in your compressed air system. Any faults in the system will be highlighted in the examination report. Don’t wait to be caught out, think safety first, it is a legal requirement, contact us for more information.

Our examination service includes:

  • System design and installation
  • Acting as a competent person
  • Preparing a written scheme of examination
  • Carrying out examinations as per the scheme
  • Ensuring continued compliance
  • Provide repairs or replacement parts

You can also contact us for sales and maintenance of air compressors.

Air compressors

Examinations as per the written scheme

We will carry out all examinations as specified by the written scheme of examination. Our engineers can also carry out any repairs deemed necessary to your compressed air system based on the findings in the report.


For the examination of your factory’s compressed air pressure systems, contact Wessex Compressors Ltd on

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